May 31, 2022

SARIT Is The Future of Urban Automotive Transportation

Electric and hybrid vehicles have increasingly become a part of our daily lives and are growing trend that is here to stay. Globally, many individuals are actively taking the responsibility of creating a more sustainable world into their own hands and are looking to electric and hybrid cars to help create a greener future. Unfortunately, many electric and hybrid vehicles in both the North American and European markets do not necessarily solve many of the electric car owner’s other issues.

An electric vehicle needs to be absolutely safe, compact enough to get around a city comfortably and efficiently, while also being affordable. But many of the types of electric and hybrid vehicles on the road today don’t quite hit the mark when it comes to meeting the three major requirements of sustainability, compact functionality, or affordability. 

Until now, that is. Enter SARIT, short for Safe Affordable Reliable Innovative Transport.

SARIT was developed by Canadian industrialist Frank Stronach, founder of Magna International Inc. and an inductee in the Automotive Hall of Fame. While driving downtown from his home north of Toronto one day, Frank Stronach was caught in major traffic jam that plagues the people of the greater Toronto area on a daily basis. While crawling along through traffic, he saw that 95% of the drivers stuck in traffic with him were sitting alone in their cars. He also noticed that the drivers were all driving large gas-powered sedans and SUVs. At that moment he realized that it was a giant problem that needed a real solution.

The core of the solution was how to get commuters to and from wherever they are going in a smarter way. Electric vehicles by themselves were not the answer because, even though they help reduce a driver’s carbon footprint, most of them are large sedans with only one occupant and do not solve the traffic congestion problem. With this in mind, Frank Stronach went to the drawing board as he had done many, many times before and began drafting the early prototype of what would become one of the first micro-electric vehicles in the world – the SARIT.

With assembly production expected soon, SARIT is bringing true micro-mobility to the masses. The reality is that cities across North America and Europe are congested with overwhelming amounts of traffic and the air is being polluted with vehicle fuel emissions. But micro-electric vehicles like SARIT solve these issues. With a SARIT electric vehicle, the driver gets everything they want and need out of their EV.

Here is a brief breakdown of vehicle's key features:

  • Safety 
    The exterior of the three-wheeled vehicle is built around an engineered safety cage designed to physically protect the driver while also shielding the driver from natural elements such as rain and snow.
  • Functionality
    SARIT is able to travel 100 km on a single overnight charge from a basic standard wall outlet. The vehicle is designed to go anywhere an actual bike can go (bike lanes included), saving drivers time and decreasing stress levels associated with daily commuting through traffic. The vehicle is also ideal for drivers who don’t have a garage or who have parking space issues. The key principle behind the SARIT is that the driver is able to conveniently travel from home to their workplace with a stopover at a store and then back home again.
  • Affordability
    With a price tag of approximately $4,000-$5,000, SARIT won’t break your bank account. Additionally, the SARIT can save drivers around $12,000-$16,000 annually in costs associated with fuel, public transit, parking, insurance, and maintenance.

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