Electric Micro-Mobility Transportation and Organic Food

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Our mission is to enhance society and the environment through Zero Emission Micro-Mobility Transportation and Organic Regenerative Agri-Business.

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Zero Emission Micro-Mobility Transportation

Organic Regenerative Food Solutions

Our Focus

Stronach International Inc.’s operations are focused on two of the fastest growing economic trends in the world today: the shift to organic foods and the rise of micro-electric mobility.

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Operating Philosophy

Stronach International is guided by a deep-seated philosophy that its businesses should provide a tangible benefit to society in addition to making a profit.

Creating a Better Tomorrow

The Future of Urban Mobility

The SARIT is the new game-changing micro-mobility vehicle with the ability to dramatically reduce traffic congestion, cut the amount of time it takes for individuals to travel to and from work, and improve air quality. The vehicles are small in size, yet big in capability and flexibility – able to go places and do things that standard vehicles cannot, all while producing zero emissions.


Safe & Fun Electric Bike

The Elby electric bike provides a safe, simple and fun way to move freely and travel further. The Elby is an environmentally friendly mobility solution that promotes a healthy lifestyle. The bike sets itself apart from competitive product offerings through its automotive-calibre design, comfort, and integrated long distance battery technology.


Organic Dining & Shopping

Frank's Organic Garden Restaurant and Marketplace is the home of healthy, organic foods and provides a unique shopping and culinary experience. We ensure that all of our organic foods and meals adhere to our uncompromising high-quality standards while offering impeccable taste, nutrition, and affordability.


Organic and Regenerative

Adena Farms is more than 10,000 acres of rolling pastures and fields in Ocala, Florida where our cattle roam and graze freely. Our philosophy is simple – raise our animals with the greatest of care in a completely natural setting, using sustainable, free-range farming practices. No added growth hormones. No GMOs. No antibiotics.

Our new state-of-the-art greenhouse and farm is where we grow organic produce for our Frank's Organic Garden retail outlets.


Promoting Organic Food

The GUHAH Way Foundation is a national not-for-profit association established to ensure that our children grow up healthy and happy through access to natural, organic food as well as applied knowledge and training in organic, regenerative agriculture and nutrition science


Ideas for Building a Better World

The SARIT Scholarship Program is a new national awards competition open to students studying at Canadian universities. The Program is looking for the best and most innovative solutions on how we can improve the economy while also improving the environment. The students with the best ideas will receive prizes that include electric vehicles and internships at one of the world’s leading electric mobility companies.


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